1. 1985 pageant memories

    I was employed at John Martins from February 1985, and was lucky enough to be chosen to be in the Christmas Pagaent. My daughter Maria was also lucky to be chosen for the Christmas Tree Float.

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  2. Albion Hotel Ball

    My third great-grandfather's Grand Opening Ball at the Albion Hotel, 1864.

    User Story | 1860s

  3. Constitutional Museum

    My father was working for the Public Buildings Department at the time and worked on the museum as a leading hand.

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  4. Favourite Flower

    The violet was my mother's favourite flower, and my grandmothers too.

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  5. Fictional histories of Adelaide

    Fictional histories of Adelaide

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  6. Gorge Road Tunnel

    There is a tunnel on Gorge Road near Castambul (Adelaide, South Australia).

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  7. Kaurna Heritage

    My mother elder Veronica Brodie was a Kaurna woman who could trace her history back to the park in glanville.

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  8. Mary's Cheer-Up Days

    Mary Stevens, was a teenager during the Second World War and contributed to the war effort in a number of ways

    User Story | 1930s, 1940s

  9. Memories of a 12 year old on the adventure of a lifetime

    We arrived on the 'SS Strathnaver' on 14 April 1960 on a cold wet blustery Autumn day.

    User Story | 1960s

  10. Muslim Cameleer heritage

    My tribe (Kharoti) came to australia and brought camels in 1860. 

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  11. My babysitter

    My uncle Gordon who was my nanas brother built and ran popeye for many years.

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  12. Pictures from the past

    Back in the Eighties I bought a set of lantern slides used to illustrate a talk on one woman's search for the grave of her husband after the end of the First World War. 

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  13. Stay at Willard Guest House, Adelaide in 1972

    First time in Adelaide and a memorable stay at Willard Guest House.

    User Story | 1970s

  14. Victoria Park Racecourse

    The permanent establishment of what became popularly known as the 'Old Adelaide Racecourse' was exceptionally controversial 

    User Story | East Terrace | 1860s, early twentieth century, early twenty–first century, late nineteenth century, late twentieth century, mid nineteenth century, mid twentieth century

  15. Violet Farm

    My great uncle and aunt owned a property in Woodforde, South Australia (above Rostrevor College).  This property was a farm for growing violets.

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  16. Where I was born

    I was born at Quambi Hospital on South Terrace and lived at McLaren Street.

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