My brother was an Interstate driver for Miles Lounge Suites in Mascot, Sydney, NSW, Australia. I had come with him on a trip to Adelaide when he brought a shipment of Lounge suites to a depot in Adelaide. I was 22 years old and it was the first time I had been left in a city all alone. I don't know how I found Willard Guest House, but for $2 per night and $2 a meal I think, I stayed in the guest house for about a week, till my brother returned from Sydney to pick me up again.

The guest house at that time was off Victoria Square, right in the centre of Adelaide.

Things were pretty basic in those days. Plumbing in the bathroom was non existent. Except for hot and cold water. The old bed made  it so you almost had to get on a ladder to climb out of it from the inside. Even though the bed was not a bunk or off the floor. But the food was good and the hostess was nice.

Each day I went on trips around Adelaide up to Mt Lofty and one day I took a Pioneer tour to Victor Harbour. I think that was my most spectacular trip. One other day I got on the tram from the city to Glenelg.

I was glad to have a safe place to stay as a young single fellow for that time.

Thanks for the opportunity to share my story. I have always remembered back to this time with a lot of pleasure. Being as I am, now, heading for 65 years of age.

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Courtesy of/Photographer:Geoffrey Moore
Courtesy of/Photographer:Geoffrey Moore