The former Liberal Club building can be found at 175 North Terrace. The facade is all that remains of the original structure, the rest of the building was removed in 1989 to make way for the Myer Centre Redevelopment. 

The Liberal Club had the seven story building designed, and constructed in 1924 for roughly £54,000. The architect was Frank Counsell and the builders J King and Son. When it opened in 1925 the ground floor was a public hall with a dance floor. The Liberal Union was housed on the first floor and rooms on the floors above were let as ofifces.

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Image: multistory sandstone building
Image: Black and white photograph showing the exterior of the original Liberal Union Club located in a double story Victorian style house on North Terrace
Image: Black and white photograph showing the Liberal Club building as it appeared in 1927. It shows the building old cars with canopy style roofs sitting out the front.
Image: Black and white photograph taken from across North Terrace looking West, with the Liberal Union Club in the distance. The photograph was taken in the 1950s and shows people sitting on park benches looking towards the Liberal Union Club building.
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