A collection of 25 objects relating to Queen Adelaide. Most of the objects are a sub-collection of the Historical Relics collection and many were donated to that collection by Queen Mary (wife of George V) in 1945. 

The objects are largely personal items and include a handkerchief, devotional card and funeral instructions. Some of the objects are more closely connected to the Wood family, whose portraits form part of the collection. John Francis Adelbert Wood, son of John Ryle & Harriet Wood, was cousin and godson to Queen Adelaide.


The city of Adelaide was named after Queen Adelaide, and it is likely that this was the reason for the donation of these objects initially. The Queen Adelaide Collection is one of a number that illustrate the strong links between the early British colony in South Australia and the Empire of which it was a part. The objects in the collection demonstrate this link both in broad terms of the colony and for some early migrants they represent a direct connection of individuals to Queen Adelaide, through gifts received. This collection is also part of a wider collection of royal memorabilia kept by History SA.

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Queen Adelaide Portraits

Photograph of Queen Adelaide, 1830

Image Courtesy of City of AdelaideArchives, HP0838, Adelaide Picture Collection

Portrait of Queen Adelaide

Courtesy of the City of AdelaideArchives HP1046, Adelaide Picture Collection

Coronation Jug

This jug commemorates the coronation of William IV in 1831. It had symbolic significance for the colonists of South Australia and the city of Adelaide, named after the wife of William IV.


This cup was presented to the Art Gallery of South Australia by Queen Mary as part of Empire-wide celebrations for the Silver Jubilee of George V in 1935.

Devotional Card

This devotional card, written by Queen Adelaide in 1841, quotes Psalms 100:5


Urn made by Henry Tijou and carried in Queen Adelaide's funeral procession. 

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