Jug made to commemorate the coronation of William IV.


This jug was presented to the Art Gallery of South Australia by Queen Mary as part of Empire-wide celebrations for the Silver Jubilee of George V in 1935. The jug, which commemorated the coronation of William IV in 1831 had symbolic significance for the history of the establishment of the colony of South Australia and the city of Adelaide, named after the wife of William IV. The jug was transferred to the History Trust of South Australia, now History SA, as part of the Historical Relics collection in 1984. 


This cup symbolises not one, but two coronations, as it was intended to represent the continuity of South Australia's links with the British empire from the beginnings of the colony of South Australia to reign of George V. Celebrations like Empire Days and Jubilees with special gifts such as this jug were intended to serve as a reminder of the ongoing relationship between Britain and South Australia formed through history, culture, and political and social institutions. The jug is also a telling example of how the British monarchy as an institution provided a recognisable, unifying figurehead for the Empire, and images like the one of Queen Adelaide were re-produced on a mass scale.


Earthenware jug made to commemorate the coronation of King William IV and Queen Adelaide. Tapered and embossed lip, tapered neck to billowed body, ornate handle, broad tapered stem and concave base. The jug is light brown in colour with various images in purple. These images include floral designs which occur on the base, handle, body and lip (inside and out). The outer side of the rim is marked with a scroll marked 'His Most Gracious/Majesty/King William; on one side, on the other is a scroll marked 'Her Most Gracious/Majesty/Queen Adelaide'.  Beneath each inscription is an image of either person indicated. King William is a frontal image, and he is depicted as wearing the Order of the Garter, waist up.  Queen Adelaide is also waist up with her left hand raised to her left cheek.

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Jug made to commemorate the coronation of King William IV and Queen Adelaide.
Courtesy of/Photographer:Rachel Harris

Migration Museum Collection, HT86.890. Photograph by Rachel Harris

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