Previously situated on Frome Road, near the corner of North Terrace, the Urban Cow Studio has been operating in Adelaide for around 25 years. Mostly known for their promotion of artisan jewellery, ceramics, glassware and textiles, the Urban Cow building itself was a colourful red and blue beacon along Frome road, that drew visitors through its stylishly decorated mosaic entrance.

A significant piece of the Urban Cow history remains its ever popular ‘Heaps Good’ t-shirts that endorse South Australia as a great place to visit. Recently, owner Mick Kreig has further developed that idea by introducing regular functions that highlight South Australian makers. Along with the Howling Owl, Urban Cow Studio has since been relocated to 10 Vaughn Place, Adelaide.

By Cindy Crook, History Trust of South Australia

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Mosaic Star
Courtesy of/Photographer:Cindy Crook
Mosaic Welcome
Courtesy of/Photographer:Cindy Crook
Urban Cow entrance
Courtesy of/Photographer:Cindy Crook
Urban Cow exterior
Courtesy of/Photographer:Cindy Crook
Mosaic cow
Courtesy of/Photographer:Cindy Crook

Image courtesy of the State Library of South Australia, SLSA: B 13562,, Public Domain

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