Honouring Susan Grace Benny, this plaque was installed by the Adelaide City Council during the early 2000s. Updating the Jubilee 150 Walk, Benny's plaque commerates the life of a notable South Australian. The Jubilee 150 Plaques were installed in 1986, 150 years after colonisation of South Australia. The plaques highlight significant South Australians who contributed to the state. 

Susan Grace Benny was the first woman local government councillor in Australia, elected in 1919. Benny started her community focused career in the Cheer-Up Society, before becoming President of the Brighton Women's Branch of the Liberal Union. After a failed bid for Mayor of Brighton in 1922, Benny left local government. She remained active in South Australian society as a Justice of the Peace. 

By Laura Sherwood, History Trust of South Australia

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Courtesy of/Photographer:Laura Sherwood, History Trust of South Australia
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