On the northeast corner of the Crown and Anchor Hotel, you will see an artwork by Mark Niehus, an Australian poet and visual artist. This image is one of four in his 'Street Art Poetry Project,'  funded by Adelaide City Council's Public Arts Grants Program.

For this series, pedestrian strangers could request a poem on any topic. Niehus then immediately composed a related poem on his typewriter. There is a map of each of his works in the series, all of which are in the East End. Through this project, Niehus aimed to 'broaden the delivery platform and experience of poetry to provide greater access to this still relevant art-form'. In the links section, Niehus discusses the art of spontaneous, interactive poetry.

By Hannah Stewart, History Trust of South Australia

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Courtesy of/Photographer:Hannah Stewart, History SA
Courtesy of/Photographer:Hannah Stewart, History SA
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