1. Zadow, Mrs. Augusta

    Appointed in 1895, Augusta Zadow was South Australia’s first female inspector of factories and an ardent advocate for women workers, a leading trade unionist, philanthropist and suffragist. 

    Historical Person | By Pauline Cockrill, History Trust of South Australia

  2. Feminism

    Feminism is a politics concerned with advocating rights and opportunities for women; especially any extension of women’s social, economic and geographical spheres of activity, and with celebrating women’s achievements, humour and creativity. As a social and political movement in Australia, feminism emerged in the late nineteenth century in what was termed the ‘Woman Movement.’ Its central concern was the achievement of votes for women.

    Historical Subject | By Susan Magarey | early twentieth century, early twenty–first century, late nineteenth century, late twentieth century, mid twentieth century

  3. Franchise

    The franchise has proved a lively issue in South Australia’s political history. Before representative government, wealthy men of property claimed that parliament should represent only those with a stake in the country, whereas many colonists sought popular representation. 

    Historical Subject | By Dr Helen Jones | early twentieth century, late nineteenth century, mid nineteenth century, mid twentieth century

  4. Cooper, Mrs. Jessie

    Jessie Mary Cooper was the first woman elected to South Australia’s parliament. 

    Historical Person | By Dr Helen Jones | 1850s, 1910s, 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s

  5. Lee, Mary

    Suffragist and social reformer Mary Lee was jubilant when, in 1894, South Australia became the first Australian colony to grant women the vote.

    Historical Person | By Dr Helen Jones | North Terrace | 1880s, 1890s, 1900-1910

  6. Women's Electoral Lobby

    The Women’s Electoral Lobby played a leading role in South Australia in campaigning for social services and legislative reforms on behalf of women.

    Historical Organisation | By Carol Bacchi | 1970s

  7. Women's Suffrage League

    Founded in 1888, the Women’s Suffrage League was an organisation dedicated to extending the political franchise to South Australian women, which was achieved in 1894.

    Historical Organisation | By Craig Middleton & Alexander Parsons | 1880s, 1890s