A 24 page knitting booklet with instructions for children knitting for soldiers in the Second World War.


Knitting book was prepared by the Schools Patriotic Fund and sold to school children who were members of the fund. The book provided children with simple, tried and true knitting patterns which were used to create garments for Fighting forces, hospitals, camps, the children of Britain, and overseas relief during World War II. Knitting was considered to be one of the most convenient ways of contributing to the cause of the Schools Patriotic Fund (SPF) which was for children to assist towards victory in the Second World War and learn the value of service. The SPF was composed of all school students in South Australia, and of many sick and crippled children in South Australia, as well as of children from Alice Springs. Within the SPF knitting was predominantly carried out by girls. 


The knitting book documents an important South Australian organisation, and the charitable activities undertaken during wartime. The SPF was formed during the First World War, and school children were encouraged to contribute to 'patriotic' activies, including knitting, during both world wars. 

Detailed description

Small buff coloured 24 page knitting booklet, printed for Schools Patriotic Fund by the Government Printer, Adelaide. No publication date given. Knitting book for children knitting for soldiers in WWII. Divided into 6 sections: Knitting hints, comfort for the feet (including different sorts of socks), comfort for the chest and back (pullovers), warmth for the head and throat (caps and scarves), for cold hands (mittens and gloves), and children's garments (pullovers, caps and socks). Diagrams on pages 3 (items for feet), 8 (items for the chest and back), and 12 (items for the head, throat and hands). Crest motif decorates front cover; illustration of a bird head encapsulated in crest. Blue, red and ochre colours used on front cover. Words 'Schools Patriotic Fund', 'SPF Service' and 'Knitting' are on front cover.

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Courtesy of/Photographer:History SA
Courtesy of/Photographer:History SA
Courtesy of/Photographer:History SA
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